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book_cover_I_used (470x640)  My Book “A Journey Through End of Life and Beyond”

is filled with beautiful messages to assist in the healing journey when losing a loved one… whether animal or human.

People who have read the book say that it is beautiful, healing and is like a breath of fresh air to those who are grieving.

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“A Journey Through End of Life and Beyond” is a wonderful reference for those who are working with animals, have pets of their own or who simply want to understand more about how and why the animals share our lives, even after death. It looks at every possible aspect  of the ending of their time with us on this earth, back to their beginning of life in another dimension, and shows us how their purpose for being in our life can influence when and how they leave us. It also provides us with ways in which to acknowledge and honour our grief instead of avoiding it or numbing it with sedatives and overwork. “A Journey” is a must read for those wanting to find peace and acceptance within themselves and for their beloved animal companions at this important juncture in their life’s journey.

Ginny Shay
Oliver, B.C.

“Reading this book enabled me to release the sadness and guilt I’d
carried for each dog in my life.  It also made me aware of how much
our pets take on to help us live our lives.
Thank you so much for writing this book and the work that you do in
providing an opportunity for clear communication between us and our

Garda Parksville B.C.

Hi  Georgina,  Your  book  arrived  yesterday  and  I  am
absolutely  thrilled  with  It.  It’s  already  Helping  me  To
understand. I  cannot  find  the  words  to  Thank  you.  I  have
Been  calling  my  friends  on  the  phone  and  telling  them  about
It.  This  book  Is  Greatly  needed  right  now.  Many  Are  losing
their  pets  and  do  not  know  how  to  deal  with  their  grief.
It  Is  truly  Awesome  and  It’s  so  wonderful  to
know  where  Our  beloved  animal  friends  go  when  thy  pass
over.  So  Comforting  and  takes  so  much  of  the  Burden  off  of
us  of  not  knowing  If  their  okay.  Your  book  Is  a  Blessed
Relief  for  those  who  are  Grieving.   Bless  You  for  writing
this  wonderful  book *

Much  Love  &  Blessings,  Krystael