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Connective Training - Michelle Jarvis-Wannacott is a good friend of mine as is her husband Mike. They are devoted to supporting you in creating a balanced, safe relationship between you and your dog. She also has an extensive training program for training people who wish to become a dog trainers utilizing all holistic and positive natural therapies and methods. I highly recommend her.

Dr Marlene SmithDr. Marlene Smith is an amazing and talented veterinarian who also teach acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to other veterinarians. The Tree of Life Veterinary Care is located in Courtenay on Vancouver Island B.C. and provides a new and integrated approach to veterinary medicine. The clinic blends allopathic or western medicine with traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, herbal medicine, homeopathy and chiropractic manipulations to provide an individual approach tailored to the special needs of each patient.

Dr Moira Drosdovech - A wonderful veterinarian who works with a very holistic approach. Dr. Moira works with homeopathy and herbs as well as conventional veterinary medicine. She is a very passionate veterinarian who cares deeply about helping those who care for animals.

Dr. Jeff Grognet - Dr. Jeff is a very talented and wonderful veterinarian who works with many modalities, traditional and holistic. He is very perceptive and a compassionate person. He also writes articles for Dogs in Canada Magazine. His wife, Dr. Louise, is also a wonderful caring intuitive veterinarian.

Dr. Laura Taylor is a wonderful veterinarian who also works in holistic as well as traditional methods.  Laura Taylor, DVM 819-5 Ave. N.W., Calgary, Alberta T2N 0R5 Phone 403-283-0109 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting            403-283-0109      end_of_the_skype_highlighting Fax 403-254-9045 Small Animal, Equine, Avian

Custom Canine – Teaching dog rules to humans and human rules to dogs, Kathy and Gary have spent over 20 years developing natural teaching techniques so successful that behaviorists/trainers, veterinarians and other animal specialists have come to them to learn their unique systems. They have helped thousands of people to understand how their dog can learn to act in an appropriate manner in all situations: teaching dog stuff to humans and human stuff to dogs. They are wonderful people

Penelope Smith’s Animaltalk - Penelope is an internationally acclaimed pioneer Animal Communication Specialist. She believes anyone can tap into the universal language of all species through telepathic communication. Penelope sells books, tapes, a quarterly journal and courses.

Natural Approach to Health, Alcia Rocco - Natural Health Courses and Products At Natural Approach to Health, based in Minerva, Ohio, they offer analysis services as well as a full line of courses and training for natural health practitioners and others who are interested in learning about the natural approach to maintaining physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellness. They also sell high-quality herbal and essence products online. Alicia has a line of products for animal and Alpacas are her specialty.

Canadian Forest Tree Essences – Canadian Forest Tree Essences offers vibrational essences in ready-to-use dosage bottles, from mother tinctures created on-site in the pristine forests and parklands of Canada. Essences for both people and animals are available. The site is a goldmine of information on selection and use of the essences. Their Noah’s Ark Animal Rescue Essence was recently selected by Animal Wellness Magazine for their Product Picks feature.

Dogs in Canada – Canada’s top-selling pet magazine and, founded in February 1889, also has the distinguished honour of being the nations oldest continuously published monthly magazine.

Animal Wellness Magazine – This is the only magazine produced in North America devoted to natural & holistic health for animals. Each issue speaks to animal lovers everywhere on how to improve the quality of life of our animal companions as well as animals in the wild.

HandicappedPets.comIf You Care for an Older, Injured, or Disabled Pet, You Have Come to the Right Place! A Dog Wheelchair & the 250+ Pet Health products will make them mobile again ready to Play & get the Exercise for a more Happy & Healthy Life.

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