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My intention for this group is to share information, life learnings, and ways to become more peaceful and healthy, physically, spiritually, and emotionally, as well as to learn more about who we are and why we are here.

The Group is an eclectic, highly esoteric group of spiritual seekers, teachers and healers based in love and light. We are open to exploring many modalities, following multiple spiritual, physical, emotional and psychic paths to the benefit and growth of ourselves and others and are not restricted to any one way or to any particular path.

The atmosphere is loving and accepting, and all are given opportunity to share their thoughts, ideas, knowledge and specialties. The group provides a safe place to express our true selves and is hosted by Georgina Cyr and her like minded sisters, allowing a cohesive sense of community to develop.



Past meetups

Sacred circle and Drumming Ceremony

Animal Communication

Iridology Presentation

Connecting with Angels

Munay Ki – Bands of Power

Munay Ki Journey

Drumming Ceremony with Sasha Brown

Freedom for the Electrical Body

Healing with Tuning Forks – Vibrational Healing

Candlelight Ceremony with Sound – Crystal and brass bowls, chimes, and more

Full Moon Ceremony

Traditional Drumming Ceremony with Margaret Eaton

Theta Healing

Magical Didgeridoo Evening with Adley

Aura and Spirit readings

Aromatherapy Bar and More !!

Advanced DNA Theta Healing class

Herbs and Homeopathy for Cold and Flu Season

An Evening with Shelina Manji – Shaman and much more

Tea Leaf Reading – Tasseomancy

9 Rites of Munay-Ki

Creating and Spinning Poi

Creating Intention Wands

Making Mead and Other Herbal Elixers and Cordials

Introduction to Tarot Reading

An evening of Sacred Geometry

Full Moon – Sacred Circle Ceremony

Kombucha making workshop

Creating Alters and Bundles

Healing with Horses – By Halliday Walsh

Chakra Clearing with Dora

Usui Reiki Level One

Summer Solstice Ceremony

Rattle Making Ceremony

Chanting with Jodi

Healing with Tibetan bowls

An Evening with Kaela Ray

Healing Crystals – and Crystal Psychometry

Introduction to Quantum Touch

Psychometry, Intuition and Energies

Clearing Energies and Energy Healing

Crystal Helix Breathlight meditation

Introduction to Reflexology

Interpreting your dreams

Handwriting Analysis

Numerology !!

Shamanic Journey Through Drumming

Astrology made Simple – Course with Manual – Special PRICE$20.00

Muscle Testing – Kinesiology – Dowsing

Hand Reflexology

Chakra Healing With Tuning Forks – back by popular demand

Introduction to Auriculotherapy

The Secret Language of Birthdays

Manifesting through creative shapes

Introduction to the Enneagram

Sacred chakra play: taking yourself lightly – why balancing them is so important

Chakras and focusing Power in the Ajna

Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls

Intuition and Aura reading

Releasing the Old bring in New- Healing ceremony

Healing with Sound – Crystal and brass bowls, chimes, and more

Healing with Vibration – Tuning Fork Healing

Meetup – Healing Naturally – Body Mind and Spirit

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