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My intention for this Blog “Spirits of Heart” is to share with you as a teacher and a student, my ongoing life learnings, and useful tips for staying healthy, happy, and peaceful during these chaotic, adventuresome times.

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May 18, 2010

georgina cyr

Whew… it has been quite the learning curve to figure out where to post what. Good News though!  I think I have figured out wordpress and My “Spirits of Heart” blog is now on WordPress and if I did it right I think I have it linked to update to my Twitter and my Facebook Wall so that those who are on facebook can see my posts there that are forwarded from WordPress and those who aren’t Facebook Fans or Friends can Subscribe to my WordPress Spirits of Heart page which will have the original copies of everything I post !!!

I wanted one place to post daily about tips on Happiness, Heath, Nutrition, Animals recipes and so much more that I would like to share. Really and truly….. I think I finally did it…… so stay tuned.  Here is the original place to subscribe for posts

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