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anybody got back pain?

A lot of back pain is simply a result of weak abdominals;  lucky for us, a fairly easy fix.

In every life, stuff happens; you fell down the last three stairs into the rec-room when you were 5, you broke your leg skiing when you were 12…all things of youth come back to haunt us starting at about age 3o. Anything that threw our skeleton out of whack when we were young will start to have repercussions later in life so care needs to be taken to support the structure with optimal strength and alignment of the musculoskeletal system.

The human body is a wonderful lever and pulley system using muscles to pull and bones as levers; it works as a system of coordinated muscle movements that if in good structural alignment will run with peak efficiency, power, agility,  and resilience to breakdown. The abdominal muscles wrap themselves around the base of the spine functioning as the main drive center that stablizes and moves the spine. Abdominal strength and organization of the torso as a system of muscles working together is key to spinal health and maximum performance.

Most of us think of ourselves as legs with a head but really we are a bunch of spines walking around. The graceful curve of the spinal column is a perfectly designed shock absorption system and when aligned is a miracle of architecture and dynamics, an incredible machine. Now imagine the axle of a car after it has been in a bender, all the joints are off, the doors don’t shut properly, something’s rubbing on the back left tire…it’s all out of whack and even though you got dinged in the front right bumper the whole axle (spine/skeleton) is out of alignment and the thing starts breaking down in all corners. You could be having trouble with your right hip from the time you sprained your left ankle when you were 16 or your shoulder hurts because you never really stopped carrying your arm like it was in the sling when you broke it a few years back. Even if you don’t know what got you in the pickle you are in, properly done alignment work like Pilates will pull you out.

I love Pilates. In my 20′s I had a curve in my spine with a side of daily pain and my chiropractor said to quit all my sports and I decided I would better quit that chiropractor. By the grace of magic I stumbled on the Pilates tradition and over the next few years exercised myself out of trouble. Knock wood, I’m stronger and more flexible at 50 than I ever was as a busy athlete in my youth. It took detemination, regular classes and enthusiastic compliance but it worked and I’ve seen many people decrease their everyday pain level and increase their quality of life.

Well you wouldn’t expect your car to suddenly fix itself or stay in good condition without doing regular preventative maintenance would you?

So if you have pain, don’t hate your body, love it out of trouble; walking is excellent, swimming is very effective and low impact, and you should find some good Pilates classes to regularly attend. Pilates is all about gently putting you back into alignment; it strengthens, improves balance, increases flexibilty and it’s fun.

Sam Shields has been practicing Pilates since 1987, teaching since 1996.

also certified in:

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